Me and my my "Main Squeeze"

Friday, December 6, 2013

God of the Nth, or Merry Christmas

When it comes to grasping divinity it is too hard and too big for my mind.

I remember in my school days that exponents were used to describe large numbers . . . the kind the mind can't grasp.  The the biggest and largest number was referred to as the "nth" power.  When you move into calculus they increase the abstract to the "n+1" power.  In other words, the largest possible number there is . . . plus one.

Even this falls far short of completely illustrating the vastness of our creator.

The theologian, in the same way as simple math, falls short of explaining God to us and like calculus we need to move further with the help of the poet and the mystic . . . but even that is not enough.

And yet, God himself placed all of who he is into a person . . . Jesus . . . so he could be one of us . . . and live with us . . . and we could see him, touch him, understand him, and amazingly so he could show us how much he loves us and desires an intimate relationship with . . . me . . . and you.

That is why the angels shouted out Glory to God in the Highest!!

Something to think about this Christmas.