Me and my my "Main Squeeze"

Monday, September 1, 2008

What is Church?

I am totally committed to my wonderful Savior. He is as close as ever. I have grown over the last years in ways I never dreamed were possible, yet, I have not participated in what most would call "church" for almost 3 years. How is this possible?

I was always taught if you quit attending you would surely spiral down to the depths of depravity; Satan was waiting to "sift you like wheat"! Yet the opposite happened. I grew closer, deeper, and more in love with my savior than during the last 50 years.

How can this be?

Those in the know discuss concepts like the "universal church" and the "local church", are these what God had in mind? I have a hunch no. The church is Christ's bride. He longs to relate, to comfort, to spend time with, and to be intimate with her.

I know Christ is directing my path to the place he wants me; to an intimacy He deisres. If this takes place in "traditional church" or in some other venue, I care not. I just want Him more and more every day.

I am still learning.

A Cross Among Weeds

Near my house there is a hill, atop of which is a wonderful cross, worthy of hiking to in the early morning hours. As I was standing there alone early one morning God and I were having a wonderful time watching the sun rise and worshipping together.
In the midst of my worship time I noticed the fresh crop of weeds coming up all around the hillsides. These weeds reminded me of the curse. The curse of sin. Didn't it say something in Genesis about the earth bringing forth weeds? Sin . . . . curses . . . weeds.
Weeds are very symbolic of sins if you think about it. They are always cropping up around us requiring that we pull them out. The more we allow sins, the more they multiply . . . like weeds. I will always be weeding my life of the sins that crop up.
Yet, as I viewed the cross among the weeds on this morning, I began to realize that Christ had broken the curse through the power of the cross. Even if sin continues to pop up in my life until the day I die, I know the curse is broken, once and for all. My heart fills with joy and love for my wonderful savior every time I am reminded of this wonderful story. The curse is broken. Sin is powerless. Christ won the final victory. I am His, He is mine. Though the seeds of sin will always be around me, though my flesh enjoys sin and I must weed it out, I have no fear. There is a cross among the weeds