Me and my my "Main Squeeze"

Friday, October 30, 2009

Sin Addiction

A crack baby is born; it's mother and father are strung out.

This precious young life is adopted by loving parents.

In spite of the adoptive parent's great love the innate effects of the crack addiction will continue to cause harm and destructive behavior for their youngster throughout the child's life.

The parents hate the addiction that continues to plague and cause harm to their loved one, but they understand their adopted child can do nothing but struggle with the crack addiction it was bequeathed by it's biological parents.

Motivated by love, if there were a way the adoptive parents would gladly take the pain, hurt, and consequences of the crack addiction from their suffering child and endure it themselves.

Sin is the same way. God hates the sin that continues to cause us hurt and pain. He understands that we are damaged and will continue to struggle. He is not mad at us when we sin, but He is very mad at sin. Wouldn't you be mad at anything so destructive to the ones you love?

Thankfully, there was a way of escape and God is the one who provided it.

Way to go God!!