Me and my my "Main Squeeze"

Monday, September 7, 2009

Reading those personalized license plates can be a challenging, eye opening, and puzzling adventure..

I read one this morning which said "STOP SIN". It was easy to decipher but now I find myself trying to understand the application of this message.

Is this a command to the unwashed masses?

Shall I take it as a battle cry for someone on a crusade to stamp out evil in the world?

Maybe it is a simple wish for the car owner for their own personal life.

Is this even possible? Every effort to control sin seems to fail. If I try to speak only loving words inevitably I find myself wishing to take back something said. If I work hard at contentment, before long I will be wanting a new car, or house or job. No matter what the sin is, by trying harder, or working more, or learning the right thing, or grunting really hard the effect will be failure to meet the goal of stopping sin. I believe one could spend an entire life time shouting "STOP SIN" and the result would be . . . no change.

Are there some people who are better at stopping sin in their lives than others? It may seem so, but even the good ones have not STOPPED sin if there is even one remaining.

Things that are deep; things that are engrained; things that are instinct; things that are inbred; to stop these things is to go against nature, so am I as hopeless as it sounds?

Thankfully not. God knows everyone is a sinner by nature. God knows no one can STOP. God knows sin will continue. God offers to unite all of us with His Son, the One who truly was able to "stop sin", and thereby the sin penalty is erased, the guilt is gone, the anxiousness of repeated sinning evaporates, the fear of facing an angry, wrathful God is replace with a sense of extreme love from God to me.

Although sin will continue to raise it's ugly head as my life goes on it is like a fangless viper, the venom is gone as a result of God's extreme love.

I'm sure glad He knows my weakness and in His love has made provisions to overcome the power of sin. I pray the guy with with the STOP SIN get his wish . . . there is a way.